Who We Are.

We are an interdisciplinary team of designers, strategists, and creatives dedicated to transforming ideas into tangible experiences.

Our Vision

Build Better Experiences Together.

We design to meet the needs of real people and businesses, empowering them to grow. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, we seamlessly create with passion and diverse perspectives.
By diving deep, grasping insights, developing creative solutions, and facilitating production, we partner with our clients to transform design ideas into tangible realities that drive meaningful results.

What Makes Us Tick

We love bringing ideas to life.

The people at Studio MLM are active listeners, problem-solvers, communicators, team-players, big thinkers, brand ambassadors, code nerds, entrepreneurs, makers, and more. Most importantly we are designers with a relentless passion to create and build across a variety of mediums. We strive to push the boundaries of our skills and blur the lines between disciplines to grow as both designers and people. 

Our People

Micah Maraia

Founder & CEO

Zach Holloway

Design Director

Tyler Michaletz

Design Director

Jonathan Terry

Designer & Strategist

Skyla Seifert


Chloe Ward


Jenae Michaletz


Eli Meehl

Junior Designer

Ellen Eno

Our Process


We immerse ourselves in your business to understand
you and your mission.


We collaborate with you to develop a vision that will lead you forward with purpose.


We distill ideas and concepts into a simple and sustainable brand-benefitting direction.


We help see things through to reality by working with you & your execution partners.

Who We Work With
Collection of brand logos in white
Collection of brand logos in white
Who We Work With
How We Got Here

Micah L. Maraia

Micah Maraia has had the passion for creation since he was a child. After working in both the corporate and consultant settings, successfully designing and launching clients’ products from housewares to super computers, Micah started his own entrepreneurial venture.

Shortly thereafter, he began the development and launch of his own brand and line of products, Dotz. His unwavering pursuit to develop, launch and distribute the Dotz brand internationally, coupled with a steady stream of client projects, and past experience, has provided an invaluable opportunity for Micah to learn and experience every nuance involved in bringing a product to market. It is this unique and comprehensive knowledge that provides Micah and his team, the tools to successfully work with clients launching their products, brands and dreams. Micah is passionate about what he does and believes in developing strong and equitable working relationships.


In addition to our prior experience in design and product development, we were fortunate to cut our teeth on our own brand, Dotz, a full designer line of cord and cable management products. Dotz began from a single invention and grew into a full brand of over 20 products with several patents and trademarks, distributed in over 30 different countries. It quickly became the first consumer exclusive brand dedicated to cord and cable management. This proved to be both a challenge as well as an enormous opportunity that provided invaluable experience in every facet of design through production/manufacturing, intellectual property, sales, distribution and marketing.

Because Dotz had the opportunity to be sold in a wide variety of channels and departments, it allowed us to gain experience in an array of different markets. Dotz also presented a unique challenge: navigating the creation of a new brand in a new category for cable management. Before Dotz, there was no designated location in retail for a product like this. Dotz could be sold in departments ranging from electronics and seasonal gifts to hardware and office supplies. This provided an opportunity to pave the way in organizing and simplifying the new category of cable management. The broad reach of opportunity and international appeal sparked an exciting journey that illuminated the ins and outs of product development, production, distribution, sales, and much more.

The success of Dotz as a brand led to both manufacturers and start-ups reaching out to us to “do for them what we did for ours” this led to the launch of Studio MLM. Some of our first clients still exist today 10 years later. 90% of our clients are word of mouth and referral.

Hello. We are StudioMLM, an interdisciplinary design agency.

We are a passionate team of designers, strategists, and creatives dedicated to transforming ideas into tangible experiences that create positive change.