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WoodWind Park

WoodWind Park is an intimate recreational, music, wedding, retreat, and event venue just outside of Menomonie, Wisconsin. The goal of the park is to provide a space to gather, play, make memories, and grow lasting relationships. For this project, we worked to showcase the very different personalities of the founders, Meagan & Paul, and connect this to the two contrasting “sides” of WoodWind Park: Play & Gather. Meagan and Paul’s history and their ties to Colorado, guided the earthy, Colorado-like color palette. The name “WoodWind Park” is composed of three complementary elements; something solid and strong combined with something ethereal and free form, wrapped up in a place of play and exploration. We sought to capture aspects of this in the logo, broken into the three pieces to create a rich and experiential brand with something for everyone, grounded in the journey.

“Rooted” in the Spirit of Play

A simple drawing of three cedar trees is where this whole project began. We wanted to integrate this story into the final design as a subtle nod to the history of the WoodWind Park brand. The refined trees are used as an elegant secondary brand element to contrast with the bold and modern logo mark and custom typeface. 

WoodWind Park is all about relationships, growing, playing, experiencing, and making memories. The location of the park is nestled in the wooded countryside of Menomonie, Wisconsin; known for its rich history in the logging industry as well as its diverse system of trails along the Red Cedar River, where this variety of tree thrives. The trees represent many values that align with this brand; family, growth, sustainability, strength, location, and roots.