Elevating Inner-Health for Animals

Adeppt™ is an all-natural molecule developed by scientists and veterinarians for effective control of a healthy gut in animals. The naming of this technology started with the goal to create a molecule that is a novel, innovative, precise, and natural new way to achieve digestive health in animals. Thus, ADEPPT stands for Advanced Digestive Protein Plus Technology, a proprietary spelling of “adept”, meaning to be proficient or highly skilled. The goals of the overall brand language is clean, modern, professional, natural, and trustworthy.




Animal Health


Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Video & Animation


A team of scientists and veterinarians developed a molecule with the mission of ensuring a healthy and safe food supply through digestive health.


They came to us to establish a name and brand that would provide credibility to their innovation, along with a video to explain its function.


Using an acronym with double meaning allows for communicative precision and memorability, and by taking an illustrative, animated approach to the video, we were able to play on the natural aspect of Adeppt™.

Explainer Video

The primary function of the Adeppt™ molecule is directly linked to ensuring that Americans have an abundant, safe and healthy food supply. This was the starting place for the explainer video about the technology. The animation follows the narrative of a simple dairy farm, taking a deeper look inside the animal to demonstrate the importance of a healthy gut while outlining the series of benefits that Adeppt™ brings. The video concludes with informative statistics and the brand statement.

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