Empowering Growth for an IT Services Business

Atmo is an IT service provider that specializes in helping small and medium businesses navigate their IT landscape. They needed our help building a fresh brand and website clearly communicated their service offering and stood out from the competition.




Information Technology, Service, B2B


Brand Identity
Marketing Collateral
Website Design


Atmo set out to provide IT leadership services to small and medium businesses that have been historically underserved in the marketplace. Atmo needed a way to break through the noise and communicate to those customers in a way that made sense.


We worked closely with Atmo to understand how their business improved customer outcomes, and we positioned them as a straight-talking guide that translates complex technical principles into clear business impacts.


A fresh, new brand identity that helped Atmo reach their customers and a website that better engaged small and medium business stakeholders by clearly communicating how complex IT principles effect their business in simple ways.
Animation showing three different webpages, displayed on a MacBook Pro.
Ten purple-themed isometric icons in a five-by-two grid.
Two business cards in strong contrasting light being propped up, one showing the front design of the card and one showing the back of the card.
A bird's eye view of brand print collateral including letterhead, a pen, binder clips, business cards, and the front and back of an envelope.
Purple polo shirt with Atmo logo embroidered on the left breast section
A compilation of brand guideline graphics showing typography, color, and logos.

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