AWSM Ramekin
AWSM Ramekin

Guiding Innovation for a Budding Sauce Startup

AWSM Sauce is a startup taking on Big Sauce to reduce single use plastics in the condiment industry. They approached Studio MLM for help debuting their consumer line of sauces with a unique container that would work with their new sauce-making process.


AWSM Sauce


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AWSM needed a custom ramekin for their product that allowed the sauce to be mixed, used and stored in the same container to create a value-add for their starter pack mixing kit.


We took advantage of our rapid ideation process to work with AWSM and our sourcing partners to create a container that’s intuitive for users and sets the product apart on the shelf.


In less than three months from the project kickoff, AWSM had working prototypes and tooling-ready CAD in their hands ready to kickstart production when the time was right.

Sketch, Build, Repeat

Using our iterative concept development approach, we were able to distill and refine wild new mixing ideas and wacky forms into a cohesive product language that could be built upon in the future.

Simple, Usable Features

We took inspiration from metal coffee mugs to create a resealable lid that doesn’t pressurize when the sauce mixture is shaken up the first time. A silicone base keeps the lightweight steel ramekin from sliding around the table when dipping.

Mix, Pour, Dip & Store

The container fits right into a variety of environments including your kitchen table, packed lunch, camping trips and more!

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AWSM Ramekin


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