AWSM Stadium Dispenser
AWSM Stadium Dispenser

Debuting a Saucy Startup at the Home of the Minnesota Twins

AWSM Sauce is a startup taking on Big Sauce to reduce single use plastics in the condiment industry. They approached MLM for help debuting their commercial product at the concession stands of Target Field, a Major League Baseball stadium.


AWSM Sauce


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AWSM needed a custom dispenser for their sauce that differentiated from the normal Heinz commercial dispensers, deterred tampering, and left a lasting impression with customers. And they needed it fast.


We used our rapid development process to work with AWSM and our sourcing partners to deliver a dispensing system that was easier to use and integrated into their existing sauce-making process.


Using our design, AWSM was able to not only successfully launch at Target Field, but demonstrate the viability of their product in commercial environments.

Keeping the Mess Behind the Counter

A primary objective of this project was to make swapping sauce containers in commercial dispensers more straight forward and less messy at the point-of-service. The system we devised with AWSM removed the need for puncturing single-use plastic bags full of sauce that are hard to hold and replaced them with jars that can be prepped beforehand and washed after use.

Lightning-Fast Concept Development

Leveraging rapid concept development, we were able to move from sketch, to tissue box mock-up, all the way to CAD and full-material prototypes in a matter of weeks. This kept AWSM on track to meet their milestones and ultimately make their debut at the first preseason baseball game of the season at Target Field.

In-House Prototype Production

We used our sourcing partners and our own internal expertise to manufacture the stainless steel drums and print all of the labels and graphics for over 30 units. We assembled and polished all of the prototypes by hand so that AWSM could make the best impression at the big game.

Launching at a Major Baseball Stadium

Because every product launch  has its rocky moments, we provided support to AWSM for their first game, helped them setup the dispensers, and ensured a smooth user experience. 

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AWSM Stadium Dispenser


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