Explore Menomonie
Explore Menomonie

Highlighting the Charm of a Midwestern Town

Explore Menomonie is a program of the Menomonie Area Chamber & Visitor Center and is a primary driver of local tourism. The Explore Menomonie website is the go-to platform for accurate information on local news, events, and attractions.



Tourism, Entertainment


Brand Identity
UX/UI Design
Website Design


Studio MLM was approached to create a flexible website and brand language that could illustrate the Greater Menomonie Area as a vibrant and inviting place to visit, work, and live.


Create a brand system that pays homage to local history, geography, and plays on the small town experience of the changing of the seasons.


Along with a curated brand identity, Explore Menomonie now has a scalable web platform with powerful features that allows for quick and effective communication with Menomonie locals and tourists.

Living with the Seasons

The season-centric brand language was developed from research of Menomonie, WI and the surrounding area. Historically, the first people to inhabit western Wisconsin were the Menominee tribe, named by the  Ojibwe, “Manoomini” or “wild rice people”.  What is now known as Lake Menomin, was once a wild rice field. However, the Menominee people had a different name for themselves, “Mamaceqtaw”, which roughly translates to “the people that live with the seasons”. This became the inspiration for Explore Menomonie’s marketing language: Living with the Seasons.

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Explore Menomonie


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