Factor A Labs

Elevating Beauty Innovation

Factor A Labs provides extensive turnkey services for the beauty industry, from custom formula development to product manufacturing to packaging design. After years of innovation and establishing a customer base, they came to us for a brand that would stand out from competitors and give them the footing to continue to grow.



Cosmetics, Manufacturing


Brand Identity
Environmental Design
Website Design


Factor A, a full-service cosmetic manufacturer who specializes in bringing beauty products from concept to reality, needed a brand identity that would bolster their growth.


Our team was tasked with developing a brand that would clearly communicate their manufacturing prowess, while positioning them as a leader in the beauty industry.


Marrying together bold, eye-catching cosmetic graphics with an elegant black and white color palette, we worked with Factor A to craft a brand that speaks to luxury and innovation.
A small group of pieces of red, purple, and pink lipstick products, both in tact and smeared around.
Signage mounted on a brick wall showing makeup products, a blurred silhouette of a woman is walking into frame and past the signage.
A close-up of cosmetic creams, gels, and oils.
Hands holding a tablet, on the tablet is a website showing cosmetic products.

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Factor A Labs


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