Foundations Therapy
Foundations Therapy

Crafting a Dynamic Brand that Encompasses Exceptional Care

Foundations Therapy came to us with a passion for providing pediatric therapy to the children and families of Menomonie. They had a desire to make their brand reflect the expert level of care they provide, and position them to grow throughout the Chippewa Valley. We worked closely with Emily Hanson, the owner, along with the involvement of the entire team, to create an art direction that represented the care, expertise, and passion they bring to children and families. We wanted to do this without losing their energetic and fun approach of using play to engage the children who receive their care.



Pediatric Therapy


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Foundations Therapy needed a brand identity that reflected their pillars of pediatric care while establishing them as a reputable clinic to future and current patients.


We created a variable brand that embraces all aspects of the quality care they provide by harnessing their fun, playful energy and balancing it with reliable typography.


Foundations' business has seen significant growth since the inception of their brand, leading to the opening of a second clinic location and the introduction of new services for their patients.
Old Foundations Therapy Logo. Made of 3 columns, the left column has one block justified to the bottom in a light baby blue color with the silhouette of a baby crawling cut out. The middle column has two block, separated by negative space. The top block is a light baby blue and the bottom box is a bright teal. This column has the silhouette of a small child running cut out from the background. The right column has three boxes; the top box is a bright baby blue, the middle box is a bright teal, and the bottom box is a cool mid-toned green. This column has the silhouette of a grown person cut out from the background. Below the 3 columns is text that reads "Foundations Therapy, LLC" in all capital letters, in the same bright teal in the middle and right columns.
Long, skinny arrow
Foundations Therapy Logo. On the right side are some shapes that resemble building blocks. One looks like stairs, another is a bridge, two are rectangles, 4 look like leaves, and another looks like a raindrop tilted to the left. Shapes are a bright blue in color. To the right is a text block that reads "Foundations Therapy" and to the bottom right of that is piece of text that reads "Building to Full Potential"
Blonde woman in a red shirt sitting cross-legged on the floor smiling at a little girl who is sitting cross-legged across from her, with toys on the floor in between them.
A small room lined with stacked body pillows and cushions with blue floor mats in the middle, all surrounded by windows with sun shining through
Top-down view of 9 business cards laying on a diagonal on a table, half are showing the back of the business card and the other half are showing the front of the business card, the back is dark blue with light text and the front is light yellow with dark text
A silver laptop with black keyboard open on a tabletop, a person speaking on the phone is navigating a webpage with the trackpad on the laptop
Four quadrants, each a different color (purple, green, blue, and orange) and each holds a line drawing of a browser window that contains a screenshot of a Foundations Therapy webpage.
Animation flipping through images of 6 women, each of them posing in two different ways.
A little boy standing and hanging from a rope with a plastic handle
Multi-colored building block shapes stacked on top of one another over a dark blue-ish gray background.
Multi-colored building block shapes stacked on top of one another over a light yellowish gray background.
A children's playroom with yellow walls and wood floors with a white table and chairs in the middle of it.
Group photo of 11 women smiling in front of a building with leafy tree branches peaking into frame.

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Foundations Therapy


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