Goody Gummy
Goody Gummy

Fusing Deliciousness and Nutritiousness

Goody Gummy is a line of gummies formulated from real fruit juice and premium ingredients, aimed at promoting daily well-being through enjoyable dietary supplements. In working with the Goody Gummy team, our primary objective was to create a distinct brand identity and refreshed packaging design that effectively communicates the essence of Goody Gummy: a fusion of natural goodness and good vibes. Developed with a focus on combining health-consciousness with a fun and lively energy, we sought to express Goody Gummy's "Certified Goodyness" and to stand out in the market for its commitment to making healthy living both accessible and enjoyable.



CPG, Supplements, Health & Safety


Brand Identity
Brand Support
Marketing Collateral
Production Art
UX/UI Design
Website Design


Refresh the packaging and brand to boldly stand out amidst the retail environment, ensuring Goody Gummy catches the eye of consumers in a crowded marketplace.


Craft a bold and fun brand with a classic gummy feel, developing a brand promise around the easiness of living well.


The result is a striking and lively brand identity that captivates customers, with a scalable layout system that clearly expresses both their deliciousness and nutritiousness.
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Goody Gummy


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