Hemponix Seed Co
Hemponix Seed Co

Positioning for Success in the Emerging Hemp Industry

Hemponix, formerly known as Lettuce Abound Farms, is a hemp seed breeding company that focuses on creating high quality industrial hemp. Committed to bringing some of their core methodologies with them as they evolved, they converted their facility to be able to utilize the same indoor vertical farming methods and state of the art genetics practices as they transitioned from growing lettuce to breeding hemp seeds.


Hemponix Seed Co.


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Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Website Design


In the midst of a transition from growing lettuce to the breeding high quality hemp seeds, Lettuce Abound Farms approached Studio MLM for help to design and launch a new brand.


As new players in a niche industry, the team at Lettuce Abound Farms wanted to really establish themselves as a strong presence in the industry. Ultimately, the goal was to position them as a reputable, trustworthy and knowledgable source for the future of hemp.


After close collaboration, Hemponix was born. Not only did the new name and identity set the client up for a successful launch of their new business - it left them excited for the future.
Hemponix Seed Co logo in white over a black background
Hemponix Seed Co Badge (Version 2) in white and light green over a dark green background
Hemponix Seed Co brand badge in white and light green over a dark green background
Hemponix Seed Co logo in dark green

Core Messaging

When developing messaging for a “start-up” like this, we like to start at the core. Hemponix begins with farmers. Humble beginnings and over 30 years of industry experience make for a knowledgable and approachable foundation. As an emerging industry, hemp farmers are in need of a trustworthy, high quality, stable source for seeds. So we positioned Hemponix to answer this call via a combination of confident and trustworthy language, paired with modern and professional graphics & imagery. Our objective? To develop a brand that farmers can rely on.

Text showing "For the Future of Farmers" with hemp seeds in the background
Collection of typography rules used for Hemponix Seed Co branding - includes Termina Bold, Optima, and Open Sans typefaces

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Hemponix Seed Co


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