Partnering with a Pet CBD Startup to Scale their Product Offering

Kradle approached Studio MLM while they were making efforts to expand their product offering and provide value to a variety of pet owners beyond their current specialty audience. We partnered with them to not only develop an expanding line of products, but also strategically shifted the brand and packaging direction to give buyers clarity and trust in their innovative calming products.



Pet Supplies


Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Marketing Collateral
POP Displays
Production Art
Product Strategy
UX/UI Design
Website Design
Triptych of people holding and cuddling their dogs.
Kradle logo with a grey background
Kradle CBD logo with a green background
Birds eye view of an assortment of Kradle products on a flat surface.
Assortment of Kradle products floating in the air.
Kradle Calming Bliss Bar 6 count pouch front view.
Kradle CBD Calming Bliss Bar 6 count pouch front view.
Assortment of Kradle CBD products floating in the air.
Kradle Calming CBD Chews and Calming CBD Toppers laying on a table with plants.
Kradle Quick Calm CBD Melts and Calming Bliss Bar laying on a table with plants.
Rendering of a tradeshow booth concept
Cardboard box with white dog illustrations on top sealed with blue Kradle branded tape.
Triptych of dogs chewing on toys and looking at treats.

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