Lancer Group
Lancer Group

Making the Rental Relationship Approachable

Lancer Group is a property management and investment real estate firm located in Western Wisconsin. Headquartered in a college town, they came to us for a complete brand refresh and website redesign that would appeal to a younger audience of renters, while speaking to their industry knowledge and gaining trust in current and prospective investors.



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The Communicator Awards - Website - Excellence


Ready to scale their firm from a local property management company to a regional rental resource, Lancer needed an identity and website that better expressed their service and expertise.


To position Lancer as a confident and friendly property management group and to communicate to both property owners and young renters, we centered them around connection and optimism.


A fully refreshed brand identity that helps Lancer’s team connect with their customers and an improved website experience to better engage and serve their owners and renters.
A neighborhood with a long sidewalk and lots of trees, one of the homes has a blue "For Rent" sign out front.
Old Lancer Group Properties Logo
Long, skinny arrow
Lancer Group Properties Logo
A color palette consisting of varying blues and purples, with a bright yellow-ish green accent.
Lancer Group Properties logo on a dark blue sweatshirt.

Intuitively simplifying the name.

In our discovery, we uncovered that Lancer Group Properties was too long for people to say all at once. We also found that they were more often referred to as just “Lancer” so the refreshed brand allows for situational use of Lancer Group, or just Lancer.

Panels visualizing the rules of the Lancer Group Properties brand identity.

Improving Lancer's online rental search experience.

Studio MLM collaborated with Lancer’s rental management service and their development team to create a custom search experience built on the systems’s platform and integrated into the website. An intuitive experience was priority as our team designed a system to help hopeful renters find the perfect property. Unit availability visibility, social sharing capabilities, and clear navigation conventions greatly improved the rental search experience.

An online map on the screen of a monitor.
Assemblage of user interface elements, including buttons, dropdowns, icons, and navigation cards.

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Lancer Group


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