Lee Products Highlighter Tape

Reducing Plastic Without Sacrificing Utility

Lee Products is an office supply company that specializes in making products for day-to-day tasks for work, home, and the classroom. They came to MLM for help redesigning the packaging for their highlighter tape product with the goals of using less plastic and bringing some personality to the package.



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Wanting to lower cost in their supply chain, Lee Products needed a paper package for their Highlighter Tape that would provide the same features as their plastic containers.


We worked with Lee Products to design a box that can be folded flat for shipping, along with a custom molded blade that helps keep the tape within reach at all times.


Using our design, Lee Products was able to use less plastic and lower both the manufacturing and shipping costs for the packaging of their highlighter tape.
A clear box with yellow tape sticking out of the top.
A white box with yellow tape sticking out of the top.

Small blade, big features.

Taking inspiration from both the previous package and other dispensers on the market, we aimed to design a blade that would cut tape with no fuss every time and prevent the user from having to dig in the box and find the tape edge. We were able to successfully miniaturize both necessary features into a blade that uses minimal material.

A tape dispenser with green plastic packaging.
Long, skinny arrow
A top down view of a white box, with bright yellow tape being pulled out to the right. The tape

Bringing personality and clarity to color selection.

Since the paper package isn’t transparent like the preceding design, we needed to find a way to quickly and effectively communicate the color of the product through graphics on the package. We used the function of the product to inform the design by highlighting the front side of the package with the color of the tape to help the customer make the connection more quickly in a retail environment. 

Pre-constructed Highlighter Tape packaging laid out flat on a white background.

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Lee Products Highlighter Tape


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