Lee Products – Sortkwik
Lee Products – Sortkwik

Enhancing User Experience and Sustainability in Office Products

Studio MLM worked in conjunction with the Lee Products team to redesign the container for their flagship proprietary product, Sortkwik. The product was and is a superior product in this category but was in need of a refresh. The goal was to develop a new container that was both eco-friendly and easier to use. The final solution “Ergo” not only gave the product a unique look but also made it easier to apply. To fulfill the eco-friendly requirement a recyclable bio Polymer was selected. This project created many unique challenges due to the new product form and the processes required for filling the container during manufacturing. We worked through the many design challenges to take this product from concept to a manufacturable product with a refreshed brand and packaging.


Lee Products


Consumer Goods, Office Supply


Packaging Design
Product Design
Industrial Design

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Lee Products – Sortkwik


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