Renewing the Digital Presence of an Established Clothing Enterprise

Our friends at Paperhood came to us for a brand refresh, and a new website that fit their growing needs. Paperhood has been working in the garment industry since 1923 and are proud to be a family-owned business raised in NYC. While they were working hard to provide the people of New York their custom garments expertise, we developed a clean and impactful brand, with a touch of the street attitude that the original founder, Sam, brought to the business. The result was a Paperhood brand that expresses their no-nonsense expertise and represents the creatives of New York.



Apparel, DIY, Service, D2C


Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Marketing Collateral
UX/UI Design
Website Design
Icon Design


Paperhood reached out to us in need of a brand and website refresh that would speak to their quality service, while embracing their passion for creativity and local entrepreneurship.


We positioned Paperhood as a modern, minimal brand with graphic ties to their NYC location, portraying their authority in the industry balanced with a playful, edgy look.


Along with a refreshed brand identity, Paperhood’s new ecommerce site allowed the company to continue to grow their business by broadening their sales reach, streamlining custom orders, and simplifying transactions.
A black poster with white and bright blue text with same colored patches on it sealed in a bubble wrap bag, placed over a bright blue background
Close up of a bright blue patch that says "Custom Vinyl is Sexy" on the back of a denim jacket, right below the jacket collar.

Studio MLM designed and developed Paperhood’s ecommerce website to expand their sales reach and simplify their custom orders and transactions.

A bright blue folder laying open with a black letter-sized sheet of paper with white text on it placed neatly in the right side of the folder, a white letter-sized sheet of paper with black text on it laying to the right of the folder with a two business cards slightly overlapping the white letter-sized paper, one showing the front of the card and the other showing the back with two black binder clips sitting below them
A man with short brown hair wearing black sunglasses and a black jacket with white Paperhood logo on the breast standing in front of blue door with a window that has been graffitied.
A black t-shirt with a white patch with black text and blue and black icon on it over a black background.
Dark blue-ish gray duffel bag with a black zipper and black handles with a large bright blue Paperhood logo patch and small white Paperhood icon patch over a black background.
White Paperhood logo over bright blue background, the letter D is peeled away from the background.
A Paperhood poster hung on a grey brick wall.
An outdoor billboard hung above a subway entrance in New York City with a person walking by, obscured by motion blur.

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