Pepin County Heritage Center
Pepin County Heritage Center

Connecting People with History and Local Heritage

The Pepin County Historical Society had been experiencing slower traffic at their museum since the COVID pandemic. They approached us with a mission to rejuvenate their courthouse and museum's perception and experience. Through close collaboration with the board of directors, we established a need for a clearer identity and digital presence. The first step was to rebrand the formerly named Old Pepin County Courthouse Museum and Jail (also referred to as the Pepin County Courthouse Museum) as the Pepin County Heritage Center, a more succinct name that fosters stronger recognition and accurately represents their role as a community organization. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive strategy that positions them as an adventurous, narrative-focused brand, placing storytelling at the forefront of their museum and events to engage the community and tourist with history. This refresh led into creating a user-friendly website to ensure a seamless exploration of the heritage center and what it contributes to the community.



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The Communicator Awards - Website - Distinction


The Pepin County Historical Society was experiencing a steady decline in foot traffic and a shift in vision for the direction of the organization.


We worked with them to identity a clear presentation of who they are as a community entity. The result was to focus on their dedication to "Preserving the heritage of Pepin County."


A modern brand that provides a fresh, captivating face to local history, with an intuitive and welcoming website that allows people to easily explore the heritage center and its offerings.

Museum to Heritage Center

The first step we took was to develop a clear brand strategy, beginning with the name. Previously known as the Old Pepin County Courthouse Museum and Jail, we transitioned them to the Pepin County Heritage Center. This new name stays true to the historical society’s mission, while more accurately describing their role in the community as a museum, historical site, and event center. This allows them to grow and expand their offerings while establishing a memorable presence with thei community.

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Pepin County Heritage Center


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