Quail Systems
Quail Systems

Facilitating Growth for a Health and Food Safety Disruptor

Quail Systems is an ozone sanitization technology vendor focused on B2B solutions. Their company was conceived out of a passion for sustainability and an interest in innovation within an industry that has a long history of ecologically-harmful practices. Their ultimate goal is to educate businesses about the financial and ecological benefits of ozone-based disinfection processes and make a positive impact on the planet by doing so. To accelerate the trajectory of their growth, Quail Systems partnered with us to assess their design and communication needs. With a wealth of growth opportunities on the horizon, Quail needed to address and reframe the general perceptions of their brand to more accurately represent the company as the revolutionary, scientifically-driven organization that it is at its core.



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With an abundance of prospective leads, Quail needed an identity, website, marketing materials, and a clear communication strategy that would help them drive sales and grow their business as a challenger to the standard chemical-based cleaning brands.


To reframe the Quail brand as disruptive presence in the cleaning industry, we established a complete brand identity system that would position them as a trusted industry partner. In addition to the visual and verbal identity, we developed a communication strategy that would successfully convey the function and benefit of their products while highlighting the impact that their product suite can make for businesses.


The refreshed identity and ongoing brand support is allowing their industry-changing message to gain traction among potential customers. Since the launch of their new website and refreshed identity, Quail has steadily gained the trust of large food and educational institutions and has secured a deal with one of the nations most notable restaurant companies.
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Supporting Sales Efforts

Before partnering with Studio MLM, Quail Systems had accumulated an arsenal of academic material to support their mission, and had already established years of industry knowledge to share with their customers. Ultimately, they needed a well-curated brand to frame them as a trustworthy source for ozone technology, as well as a new website with a strong content management structure to give them the power to efficiently deliver case studies and articles to their customers. 

Effective Product Storytelling

Quail caters to a few primary industries and have curated groups of products for those industries to help them achieve the best results possible. Quail needed a way to communicate the environmental context in which these product groups can live and function so we created isometric environments to display the full range of benefits that Quail products could provide in their target industries.

Assembling a Versatile Toolkit

An overarching goal of ours was to create a brand kit that would not only serve Quail’s immediate needs, but remain applicable to their needs in the future. We assembled a library of assets that could be used to effectively communicate the story of their company for the years to come. This included a collection of photography that captures the nature of their vision for the future along with a custom icon pack that can be used in tandem with product benefit callouts and other branded copy. 

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Quail Systems


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